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GIF Quotes are a beta feature and is only available for MLP season 6 so far, with episodes gradually added over time. Like it? Poke the author with your comments!

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How does it work?

Basically, I just feed show subtitles into a search engine library and it just works. It's all written in Javascript, no PHP, so search all you want, and it's mighty fast! Might even work in offline mode!

How the Relevance is calcuated? How does the search engine work?

I have no idea!

No, seriously, go check how ElasticLuna works, I mean, elasticlunr.js.

Do I download all the subtitles for everything each time?

In a sense, yes. When you select a show in the dropdown menu (also on page load), it loads a data file containing the search engine data and all the subtitle data in a format the search engine understands. If you're savvy, you can read the source code in your browser's inspector, it's not really big. Don't worry, each of the data files, GZip compressed, don't weigh more than 1-2 of the biggest GIFs we offer.

How did you generated the GIFs?

I tried to find a good equivalent between file size and lossy compression. Here's the command line:

ffmpeg -ss <start time> -i <video file> -to <end time> -copyts -threads 1 -vf subtitles=<subtitle (or video) file>:force_style='FontSize=24',scale=640:-1:flags=lanczos,fps=12 -r 12 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm - | convert -delay 8 -loop 0 -dither none -layers OptimizeFrame - gif:- | gifsicle-lossy -O3 --lossy=80 > <output file>

I have a script that runs 8 of those commands in parallel, I should get around to release them along with those to generate the data files for the search engine. In all, generating all the GIFs for one standard-length episode should take about 8 minutes on this server.

One GIF weights about a few hundred kilobytes to 2 megabytes, is half the height of 720p (so 360p) and runs at half the FPS (12 FPS, thanks Minty Root for that tip), so you shouldn't have any problem.

Don't this many downloads might break your server?

All of the GIFs and data are cached with CloudFlare, so the server uploads minimal data, and the rest are mostly static files. Not that the server can't take it, but it should save it some bandwidth.

But isn't the data file like 12 MB when I download it? So I have to download 12 MB of data everytime I load the page?

Yes, but thanks to good gzip compression, your browser (if it's at least less than 15 years old, don't worry about that) only need to download about 2 MB of data and decompresses it on the fly, and thanks to cache, won't download it again until it has been modified.

It's broken/doesn't work/etc.!

Make sure you have the latest version of an actual browser (Chrome is the best!), and if it doesn't work, you can complain to the author.

Your site is ugly.

Thanks! Again, if you have a suggestion, you can complain to the author.

Most of the GIFs aren't there yet.

The GIFs take quite a long time to generate and I don't want to abuse the server all the time. So I'll just adding them when I can. Newest episodes should be GIF's as soon as they're released. Otherwise, I take requests.

Today's episode isn't there yet!

Give it some time for the subbers, they aren't gods. I should add episodes as soon as the subs are released. It's not automatic yet. I do wish, though.

Can you add my favourite show?

Yes, if I can find good, regularly updated subs for that show (as in, the subbers didn't dropped the show halfway into it). Suggest it to the author!

Version française?

Ça devrait. On a déjà ajouté My Little Pony, par contre le moteur est toujours optimisé pour l'anglais. On travaille là-dessus.

You just spoke in fancy!


Who are you?

Well, duh.

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